A new law has been passed in Italy that I think makes for an interesting conversation stateside. Carseats will have to be equipped with an alarm to help parents remember to grab their little ones. Sure, it can be easy to shrug it off and say "no decent parent would forget their child in a car." But, a lot of times, it's an accident. New parents, overworked parents, parents too tired to have a clear mind. I managed to always remember to grab my kid first thing, but I can't speak for anyone else. It sure would be nice to have an alarm in the car seat as you have for your seatbelt, or if your headlights are on when you turn off the car. This particular alarm also uses visuals to remind a parent who has already stepped out of the car. The law applies to kids under 4.

What do you think? Is this law heavy-handed in Italy? Do you like this law? Would you like to have the option to install one of these units? I just want to know who fronts the cost of this. Do they come pre-installed in new car seats? Is the government paying for it?

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