Does everyone think all criminals are stupid, or is it just me?

I mean, how hard is it to steal a truck, then behave yourself while you're in it? I know you're bad, but you couldn't take a criminal mischief break for 15 minutes? You could have been happily driving around in your new stolen vehicle in joining a Sunny day, but no. You just had to pop off a few rounds didn't you? Hey, I get it, I love target shooting. But I usually do it when I'm on somebody's land with permission, or just go to Hole In the Wall indoor range. If neither one of those options are good for you, then at least find a secluded area with no other human beings around and have at it. If you're polite you'll pick up your brass when you're done. What am I thinking, that's way too much to ask of a bad guy. So you'e elated about your new stolen truck, and you just feel like popping off a few rounds. And that was your downfall. It turns out just about everybody 6 years old and older has a cell phone these days. A report came into the Benton County sheriff's office and off they went to find Mr. Dumbass. I am one who appreciates good marksmanship. Did you even hit what you are aiming at? And as hard as it is to find ammo in the stores these days, a bet he stole that too.

This afternoon deputies responded to the area of Hansen Rd. and Gibbon Road for a report of a person shooting recklessly...

Posted by Benton County, WA Sheriff's Office - Sheriff Jerry Hatcher on Thursday, March 18, 2021



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