Sometimes NOT apprehending a shoplifter can lead to even bigger fish.

Monday afternoon around 1:29pm, Kennewick police swarmed a house in the 2100 block of West 19th, following up on a shoplifter.

A loss prevention officer at Walmart called to report the license make and model of a suspect vehicle. Police ran the information and it led to that home. As police had arrived and were prepared to take a look, the suspect vehicle pulled up and 32-year-old Shane Gillespie got out. He was the shoplift suspect, having allegedly left the store with a wide variety of items. He was quickly busted.

Police and Benton County SWAT Units surrounded the home and were able to arrest 30-year-old Brandon Chaffin and 27-year-old Jedidiah Gillium on outstanding warrants, as well as 31-year-old Cooper Bricker.  They told police another man, 29-year-old Jacob Baumgartner was inside, and he had an outstanding Department of Corrections (DOC) warrant. But he refused to exit.

After searching the home, he was found hiding in the attic, buried under insulation. But he failed to realize you should lie on the support beams. He crashed through the ceiling and was quickly cuffed and taken away. The stolen property was returned to Walmart, and all five suspects are now facing additional charges besides their outstanding warrants.

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