This man was arrested after police received reports a man was running around shirtless, jumping fences, destroying property, and unlawfully barging into residence. Pasco Pd officer Raul Cavazos arrived and found Mario Diaz in the area shirtless. Diaz refused to comply to orders from the officer allegedly leading to a chase and then a struggle and fight with the officer according to the Pasco Pd Facebook page. Officer Cavazos shot Diaz with a taser that had no effect, and even with the help of neighbors could not get him handcuffed. He was not fully handcuffed until officers Dave Herrera and Kevin Erickson showed up to help.

Residents affected all have reported that Diaz barged into their houses on the 8000-block and 8100-block of Wenatchee, 8000-block of Canyon Drive, and 5700-block of Okanogan. Diaz was booked into the Franklin County Jail on charges of Assault 3rd Degree, Residential Burglary, and Burglary 2nd Degree.

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