Sad news out of Hermiston. 14 dead and 15 malnourished cattle were found on a property in Hermiston, OR Umatilla County Sheriff Terry Rowan, said the cattle were found after an investigation. The animals were found in terrible condition and one calf even had to be euthanized because it was so weak it couldn't even stand. The tip to check out the property came from an anonymous caller on Jan 5. who said they could see the cows from across Columbia Lane. The 15 cattle that would be saved were separated and seen by veterinarians. Their water trough had been frozen over, and the cattle couldn't get water for probably days, and there was no food for them.

The owner, Michael Hockensmith, will be charged by a special prosecutor in animal neglect (from Benton County) who will work with local authorities. Sheriff Rowan said officers will be checking in in the animals to make sure they are getting proper care. No word on if they will fully recover, but at least they are getting the care they need. Hockensmith has offered no comment yet, and as this is a developing story, no word on exactly what charges he will face. It's just good that the animals were found in time. Hopefully they will be okay.

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