Seattle's Fox affiliate, Q13, has sacked an employee who beamed out footage of President Trump's Oval Office speech doctored to show Trump with a larger-than-normal head, with a Cheetos-orange tint on his skin and his tongue hanging out of his mouth between sentences.

Washington Post
Washington Post

The distorted clip was first pointed out by a listener to a conservative Seattle radio talk show, then further investigated by the Seattle Times and brought to the attention of Q13's management.

It is unclear if the footage ran live as Trump was giving his speech, or was replayed in later broadcasts.

The station's news director, Erica Hill, said after a thorough investigation it was determined the source of the station's feed for delivering the speech was not the issue, it was the work of an employee at the station.

The Q13 doctored footage falls into the category of “deepfakes” — footage that’s tweaked with advanced apps and other technology to create clips of actual figures in situations they were never in or saying what they never said.

The person responsible for the doctored footage was later fired.

Hill said, "This does not meet our editorial standards and we regret if it is seen as portraying the president in a negative light."

Side by side video comparison and further details here.

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