The Seattle Seahawks Official 2017 schedule was released and it seems to be one of the easiest roads to the playoffs in a while for a bunch of different reasons. First, the Seahawks have 4 prime time games this season and 3 of those are at HOME! Usually in the immediate past they schedule prime time games away from Centurylink because we trounce people and it is not good for a national audience. Also, 2 of the 3 times the Seahawks went to the Superbowl, we played the AFC South Division...the same division as this year.


Starting out the season in Green Bay is the best possible time to play in Lambeau field at the warmest time of the year. It will also be Eddie Lacey's first game as a Seahawk and it will be in front of the team he used to play for. I bet Lacey will have a big start to his season in that first game because he wants to make a statement.

The Seahawks bye comes at the 6th week of the season, almost in the middle which I think is a prime place to have the break. We have had the bye very late and early in the past and both were difficult to deal with when talking about momentum into the playoffs. Having the bye in week 6 should help keep the team fresh through the season and be perfect for a run.

This year, the NFC West games are more spread out which will give us a better idea how we stack up for the playoffs, instead of last year where they were all at the end. Lastly, we close out 2 of the last 3 games of the season at home which could be a big deal if we are fighting for a playoff spot.


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