A group of kids might be in big trouble after building a secret skate park on a small island that is a protected bird sanctuary to win a Nike shoe contest. Nike created the "Do It Your Self Project" to inspire skate shops around the country to build or expand a skate park in their area and make a video of the process. A group of Seattle kids affiliated with the Seattle based 35 North Skate Shop build their ramp on a tiny island on Green Lake. The kids dragged the materials to the island and build it themselves and shot the video.

Then nearby residents started hearing skateboarding noises coming from the island and started investigating. The Seattle Parks department says the ramp is not authorized and they did not have any idea it was located on the island. Now they are working on a way to tear it down, remove the ramp, and rehabilitate the areas damaged for wildlife.

The 35 North video has been taken of the Nike website but they are still listed in the contest.

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