Seahawks punter Michael Dickson ran from the endzone for a first down on 4th and 9 to all but guarantee a win against the Lions last Sunday. After the game, Bleacher Reports said in a tweet,

The name circulated through the internet fast and 12's all over were suddenly calling him "Big Balls Dickson".

Now Michael Dickson himself has denied ever saying the quote.

Turns out it was Pete Carroll that gave Dickson the idea to run the ball on 4th down, just not for that situation according to reports. Right after the win in London, Pete was talking with Dickson after the game and told him that he should run it if he saw a lane.

I am sure Pete DID NOT mean from your own endzone with 9 yards to go but Dickson obviously thought it was the time.

It had nothing to do with the size of Dickson's balls.

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