On this Blue Friday just one week from the official start of 2018 training camp, there is both bad and good news in Earl Thomas land.

First the bad news, Earl posted just 3 days ago on his Instagram account "Always been the underdog ain’t nothing new . Extend .....if you don’t want me let’s make a trade happen I understand it’s a bizz."


I hope one of two things happens with Earl before the seasons starts.

One, the Seahawks give him the extension he deserves and he finishes out his career as a Seahawk.

Two, the Seahawks talk with Earl and if there is no way to find a compromise, they need to see what they can get for him and get a trade fast. That trade has to include an impact player, not just draft picks.

If the Seahawks do nothing, which I think is highly likely, Earl will hold out for 2-3 weeks of the regular season just like Chancellor did a few years ago. He would then come back, play most of his final year, and be a big distraction. Players looking for a contract the next year could be protecting their body & not playing to their full potential.

Now the GOOD NEWS!

Earl has been working out with multiple athletes, but recently he has been working out with the Griffin twins. Both Shaquem Griffin and his brother Shaquill Griffin have been lifting weights and running drills with Earl down in Texas.

Earl posted some workouts on his Instagram.


He was even training with them on their birthday!

That is good news, because with Earl sitting out during OTA's and most likely training camp, he will need to work on his repor with both Griffins if the Seahawks want their secondary to hold up in 2018.

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