Seattle Seahawks Defensive End Michael Bennett said the title of his new book out April 3rd is meant to be a conversation-starter, which it more than likely will be.

"Things That Make White People Uncomfortable"

It's co-authored by Dave Zirin, sports editor of the The Nation.

Zirin tweeted the book's cover art -- a portrait-style image of a shirtless Bennett, along with the following review from an American Track & Field sports icon:

"This book doesn't only explain the roots of Michael Bennett's courage. It will inspire the people who need it to conquer their fears and fight for what's right"

--John Carlos

"The book I'm focusing (on) is issues I feel are important in America," Bennett said. "My views and opinions. It's my story. My journey. My thoughts on sports. My thoughts on issues in America. My thoughts on women's equality -- different issues like that."

Bennett also had a controversial encounter with Las Vegas Police on Aug. 26, during which he was detained by officers pursuing a reported active shooter. Those officers allegedly threatened Bennett's life while holding him at gunpoint.

In his ninth NFL season, the 32-year old Bennett made the Pro Bowl for the third consecutive season, recording 8.5 sacks which ranked second on the team.

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