Get ready haunt fans! The Tri-Cities Scaregrounds are about to come back! This October the Scaregrounds will be open for all your haunting fun. And this year, there are some awesome changes. First things first, there will be one major haunt with INFECTED! That's right, the Infected have taken over and will be scaring the crud out of you with 7,200 feet of haunted terror! Thanks to Tri-Cities Lumber this ultra-haunt will be one long maze of craziness, the largest in Eastern Washington! That's right one HUGE haunt!! Will you be able to make it ALL the way through? You'll have your chance to try starting October 11th when the haunt opens!

The Gaslight Booze Lounge is coming back as well. Whether you're getting your pre-funk on, or chilling after the haunt, the 21 and over lounge will be there with adult beverages and haunted fun! Food vendors and other surprises will be waiting throughout the Scaregrounds Music Unlimited breezeway! If you want to get in for less, you'll need to stop by Dickey's Barbecue Pit to grab a discount voucher good for Thursday nights. ProTip: Go on Thursday to beat the lines!!!

This year tickets are $15 and you will just need to grab them at the door. Wanna hop to the front of the line? VIP passes will be available to get you to the front of the line once per night (limited number per night) for $30!! Kid's Days will also be back! To get all the details on this year's Scaregrounds, check out the site, and keep up with more fun and behind-the-scenes details on their Facebook page! Scare ya soon!

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