Talk about an unusual sight outside of Walla Walla yesterday as a train car broke free and went sailing down the tracks.

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Video Shows A Runaway Train Flying Out Of Walla Walla

The video was posted by the Walla Walla County Sheriff's Department as the runaway train car went sailing from Walla Walla and finally slowed down at Touchet.

The car reached speeds up to 70 MPH.

Take a look at the video as the car goes sailing down the tracks

According to a news story from our news partner KNDU, the railroad car got loose when a routine change in Walla Walla went wrong.

The Runaway Train Reached Up To 70 MPH Out Of Walla Walla

The car broke free and went sailing down the tracks reaching speeds up to 70 MPH. Walla Walla County Sheriff's Deputies blocked off railroad crossings along the tracks at the car went freely down the line.

The railroad car was empty but normally carried petroleum. The car traveled 13 miles freely down the tracks until it hit an incline and then a railroad worker was able to climb aboard and stop the train car.

How Did The Runaway Train Getaway In Walla Walla?

The car traveled from Walla Walla to Touchet unassisted. I'm sure travelers down Highway 12 were taking double-takes as the railroad car went rolling by.

You can check out the video above and you can read more details about the runaway train car here.  

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