Sunday was National Ice Cream Day and to celebrate this sweet day, Rollin' Fresh Ice Cream has announced a second location opening soon in Richland. If you love ice cream --- this is the place to check out.

Rollin' Ice Cream has been around for about three years right on Clover Island.

You can check out their sweet treats right next to the lighthouse and now they are looking at opening another location in Richland.

Owner Jackie Prather said in an interview to our news partner KNDU that the new location will be in the Queensgate area.

Rollin' Ice Cream is waiting on the approval of the Health Department and it could be about a month before the new location is opened.

Temperatures are going up so why not try out refreshing ice cream? You can check out their location on Clover Island next to the lighthouse until the new location in Richland.

You can check out more details on the second location from KNDU here. 

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