It's amazing how backed up things can get when you shut just one lane down, and here it comes for those of us who travel on Keene Rd. every day. They've already done some patchwork on Keene between Queensgate and Dupourtail going one direction, now it looks like they're gonna flip it and do the other side. Either way, I think it affects both directions, as they make both sides one lane and use the center lanes for city repair vehicles. Their not tearing up all the pavement to repave, though. They're filling in cracks with that hot, black goo. Fixing a few potholes, too.  If you travel all the way up Keen to Van Giesen, remember they are constructing a new police facility for the West Richland Police Department there. There are plenty of orange cones and there is road widening in progress. Reduced speed limits around there, also.

Another area to watch is highway 395 and Ridgeline Drive in Kennewick. They are constructing a new interchange there that will be completed by the fall of 2022. It will include another traffic light. Really? Fall of 2022? Well, I guess with retaining walls, drainage pipes, concrete barriers, and sewage lines, it's not really a weekend project.

Believe it or not, there are no significant traffic issues in Franklin County right now!

If you'd like to avoid any 'Richard Sherman' type issues, it's a good idea not to drive into closed construction zones and flee your wrecked car (yep, he did that...and it was a zone occupied with workers! Lucky he didn't kill someone!)

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See the Must-Drive Roads in Every State


See the Must-Drive Roads in Every State


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