How to make central Richland more pedestrian and bicycle friendly, while not compromising traffic flow on a street that accommodates 33,000 cars daily, George Washington Way, is what the City of Richland leaders are tasked with and you will have a chance to voice your ideas.

The vision of developing the core of central Richland is centered around more people spending more time walking and shopping in the area, which in turn, would spark more business development. How to do that, accommodate people leaving their cars behind, yet not interrupt traffic flow during heavy use time, is the monster everyone is trying to tame.

Reducing speed limits, installing overhead flashing yellow lights at crosswalks, raising crosswalks and clearly defined separation markers between sidewalks, bike lanes and traffic lanes are all some of the suggestions already under advisement.

Making George Washington Way and Jadwin Ave one way thoroughfares is one option on which the public can give its input during a forum from 5:00-8:00 p.m. January 23rd at the Richland City Council chambers located at 625 Swift Blvd.

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After that meeting, from January 24th to February 6th, public input will be taken and then those comments may be woven into consideration by a task force made up of city leaders, engineers, safety advocates and business interests who will all then hatch a plan.

The four options:

1. GW Way is a One Way (north) and Jadwin Ave the other One Way (south)

2. Dump GW Way traffic flow over to Jadwin

3. Narrow GW Way

4. Nothing

5. Your idea (?)

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