It's been over 8 months since a man pulled out a gun in the Richland Winco Foods store, aimed it at the head of a random woman, but then it jammed. The gun did fire, but didn't seriously hurt  the victim.

Now, despite some outrageous claims by the suspect, he's been found competent to stand trial.

45-year-old Mathew McQuin of Umatilla was the shooter, and August 1st of 2018 around 6:40pm he entered the store armed with a pistol. The gun jammed, and as he struggled to clear it, it fired, striking the woman. However, he'd aimed at her head. It's likely the jam saved her life.

After the incident, he laid the gun down on a checkout counter and was sitting on a bench outside when police arrived. Now, authorities say he's been found competent to stand trial in Benton County and it will start June 24th.

This comes after the judge ordered him to undergo a mental and psych evaluation. He claimed the woman was going to spray a chemical on him, and there was a plot by people out to "get him" and she was one of them.

He will be tried for attempted murder. For more on this story, click on the button below.


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