A state-wide sushi chef shortage?

When I first heard about a sushi chef shortage in the entire state of Washington, I thought it must be an exaggeration. Then I ran into this article from KEPR-TV. The timing of this is horrible because, for some reason, I'm not really in the mood for sushi in the colder months. When the weather starts heating up, that's when I want sushi. Weird, right? But one of my favorite spots is Shogun Terriyaki & Sushi which is just off the by-pass in Richland. They've stopped serving sushi because they have no one on staff to make it right now (you can still order from the kitchen menu). I would apply, but I've tried to make my own with some fresh salmon, and apparently, I wasn't born with the natural talent. I wonder how many years it takes to become a sushi chef because there's a lot to learn. I'm also wondering what a sushi chef makes, dollar-wise per year. I appreciate the skill and tip as much as I can afford every single time. But is there a sushi chef shortage right now because they can make more money staying at home and collecting unemployment? I don't know if that's the case or not, but you can add sushi chefs to the list of workers that are needed to get back to work in America right now.



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