What an honor for one student who takes student safety seriously.  Richland School District student Adelyn Etzel was recently honored by members of the Richland Police Department, the WA Traffic Safety Commission, and AAA.

A parade was held honoring Adelyn's induction into the 2020 AAA School Safety Patrol Hall of Fame.  Adelyn was celebrated for her passion for traffic safety.  You can watch it here.

Adelyn has trained new patrol members, and while patrolling, has recorded license plate numbers of cars failing to stop at crosswalks.

This takes me back to my younger days.  I was a school safety patrol member.  I recall I had a badge and an orange belt.  I also had a bright yellow vest to wear.  I remember escorting kindergartners to their cross-walk.  I held a flag out, stopping vehicles, so the students could get across the street.  I remember feeling so responsible.  Then, as I boarded the bus home, it was my duty to keep the riders in order.

According to patrol advisor Tanya Olson, Marcus Whitman Elementary had few members until Adelyn suggested weekly treats for patrollers doing a good job. Rewarding the student volunteers for their hard work did wonders for the school’s program.

“We have 25 patrol students at this time; the most we’ve ever had,” said Olson. “She (Adelyn) helped increase participation and morale.”

Congratulations, Adelyn!  We're proud of you! 

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