It's the Wild West Richland (not West Richland the town) and this may be the epic worthy of Homer's Odyssey. 

Writers of shows like Breaking Bad only wish truth was stranger than fiction. This episode of reality writes itself.

The scene: Sanford Ave. in Richland. It all started with a drive-by shooting - at a house. The problem for our two "heroes" is that the house shot back. (In the later aftermath, 10 to 15 people were detained by police.) So after unloading their pistols into the house, two 31 year-old suspects drove off - only to get their SUV stuck into the snow. (Happened to the best of us this winter, right?)

The suspects left on foot. One of them was tracked because he left drops of blood in the snow with his tracks. Evidence included a backpack with $2,500 in bills and over a pound and a half of meth.

Mind you, this is all happening around 5:30 in the morning.

The suspect that was found first, was found that same morning. He was sitting in a patio chair having an asthma attack.

The other main suspect was found (with the assistance of the U.S. Marshals Service) at a Umatilla motel.

Police say several people fled the scene at the initial shoot-out in Richland. More arrests are likely to be made, and charges will follow. Officers say they believe the first shots came from someone in the house when one of the suspects was at the door.

Now I'm ready for the Netflix documentary. We all know their true crime category needs more good stuff.


(NSFW language)

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