Can you help Richland Police identify these people wanted for alleged theft at Safeway? If you know who these people are in the above photo please call Richland Police at 509-628-0333. You can remain anonymous.

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One time I witnessed two people at a grocery store shoving a bunch of meat into their clothing.

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I thought it was a joke because the women doing it didn't seem to mind me watching. I looked around to see if there were any security cameras or security officers. There were cameras on the ceiling placed all around the store. The women kept stuffing meat into their pants, under their tops, and in their jackets. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

Do I confront these people? Where's a store employee? What do I do? I was waiting for John Quinones from the ABC show "What Would You?" to walk out and chat with me.

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No such luck. My heart was pounding. I felt stressed. Where are all the grocery store's employees? I placed random items in my cart and followed the "shoppers" to the checkout. They made it through. As they were bagging their goods, I told the cashier, quietly, "Those ladies have meat stuffed in their clothes."

The cashier asked, "Are you sure?"

I replied, "Yes." I didn't want the shoplifters to know that I was the ONE who ratted them out. They suddenly looked very "criminal" to me. Whatever that means. The store's theft prevention people caught up to the duo. And I was able to go on my way.

That incident was several years ago, and I remember it like yesterday.

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