Since the inception of Social Media there have been inherent dangers to children.The main reason being is that most parents are clueless to all the social media sites and their ability to allow access from total strangers and or predators to your children...

When my daughter was a teen she had a Myspace account and I'll admit I had no idea what it was or how it worked. Today new social sites are popping up besides the ones you know about like Instagram, Facebook,Snapchat, You Tube, Tik Tok,Vine etc....

It's overwhelming even to me a person in media.

Good news for Tri-Cities parents the Richland Police Department is offering a free class to educate you on the dangers of social media and how to protect your kids! The Class is October 10th at the Richland Public Library at 6:30 PM

From Richland PD:

Popular platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Fortnite have been in the news lately for misuse and content. Let's talk about it!

The Screenshot Series is a partnership between Richland Police Department and the South East Regional Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce. This presentation is intended to make parents the first line of defense in the battle against online predators by bringing awareness regarding what our children are doing online and who they are talking to. The discussion covers topics of sent media, cyberbullying and communication from predators, as well as some of the popular apps and what they are used for.

This event is free to the public. We ask that children do not attend.

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