WSDOT has decided to help you realize the full potential of the Richland driving experience, especially in the Keene and Queensgate intersection area:

City of Richland
City of Richland

The City of Richland began implementing additional safety measures to improve the flow of traffic and reduce collisions at the intersection of Keene Road and Queensgate Drive. A sign reminding drivers that a flashing yellow light means yield to oncoming traffic has been installed and the left turn signals have also been reprogrammed.

Next week, as painting conditions improve, striping will be added to help navigate and guide traffic to the correct lane.

This intersection was upgraded as part of the 2018 Queensgate Drive Construction project. Part of those improvements were lane re-striping and the implementation of a flashing left turn arrow for drivers heading east on Keene Road and wanting to turn left or north onto Queensgate Drive.

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