Semi Bird releases video on RSD situation (Semi Bird Facebook)
Semi Bird releases video on RSD situation (Semi Bird Facebook)

Newly-elected Richland School Board Position 3 member Semi Bird released a video explaining as much as he can about the board's recent 3-2 vote to go mask optional.

Bird says decision to close schools comes from Superintendent Redinger

In the video, Bird says the school board did NOT vote or move to close Richland schools on Wednesday or Thursday. Bird said, out of respect for laws and rules, he cannot and will not divulge what was said or done in the executive session. He did lay out what he knows, from his perspective. It's a violation of trust so he did not.

Bird said any conversations between Superintendent Shelly Redinger and the teacher's union are between her and them. He said he did not have any, he only knew because the union said they'd spoken with her (presumably about the 3-2 mask vote).

He also said any communication between Redinger and the OSPI and/or Governor's office is between her and them. Bird said he has no knowledge if any took place.

 Bird has requested a written document explaining Redinger's decision to close the schools

He says in the video, he did this in the interest of transparency, and his 'accountability,' if you will, to the parents, students, and citizens of Richland.  Bird said "there is division" between different factions of the District.

  Bird also explained funding withholding.

Bird says a non-compliant district has their funding basically 'delayed.'  if they become compliant they then receive it.  It's more about how it's dispersed as opposed to losing it.

 Bird doesn't desire conflict, but clearly says there is division between two of the board members and Superintendent, and the other 3 board members.

To watch the video, click on the link below.


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