When the pandemic hit and restaurants closed to the public, to-go orders became the only way. And it was the only way to get your favorite mixed drink, wine, beer, or growler, too. So they've decided that even with many restrictions lifting slowly and more and more folks getting their shots, they would still keep curbside booze available for at least a couple more years, according to reports. Let's suppose you have a favorite watering hole that makes your favorite drink just the way you like it. Many places like that are creating 'drink kits.' You get the booze, the mixer and any additional flavors or juices included in your kit that you can pick up curbside.

Speaking of drink-kits, this is one of my favorites to make at home. Are you familiar with the health benefits of tart cherry juice? It's supposed to break down the uric acids that cause joint pain. Pure tart cherry juice is about $6 for a 32 oz. bottle at Walmart. It's not cheap, but it goes a long way. I like to use 1/4 drinking glass of tart cherry juice, 1/2 can of zero sugar Sprite, and a glug-glug-glug of vodka and add ice. (Use only 2 glugs if your liver isn't as experienced as mine.) Sure enough, after two or three of those...my bum knee doesn't hurt, so the tart cherry juice must work. Come to think of it, nothing really hurts after two or three of those.


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