Garth Brooks' acting career never really took off like he'd hoped, but it's not because of lack of opportunity. The country legend was actively writing, producing and creating scripts for various movies, but it's the two roles he reportedly turned down that have us facepalming.

This week's episode of The Secret History of Country Music looks at what could have been, had a few key decisions gone Brooks' way and had he been a little more willing to compromise. It's hard to fault him for remaining true to his vision — that is, after all, part of why he's the No. 1-selling country singer on the planet.

A softer delivery of the Chris Gaines project could have allowed it to flourish. Brooks' movie career is told through the lens of this late '90s puzzle, one that despite our best attempts to explain during Part 1 of this two-part episode still remains a puzzler. After discussing Who Was Chris Gaines?, this video focuses on Why Chris Gaines?, and reveals the movies the Country Music Hall of Famer is said to have passed on — one starring Tom Hanks and another starring Helen Hunt.

Meet Chris Gains: Singer, Superstar, Sex Addict:

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Garth Brooks is currently out on the road on his Stadium Tour, which is set to last for three years.

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