A woman whose credit card number was stolen to purchase a flight was shocked when the alleged thief contacted her.

Sharing her story on Reddit, the woman explained she received an email from a hacker who allegedly used her stolen credit card to book a flight for himself.

"My credit card was hacked. I think the guy did it by hacking my Gmail account. Because he signed up for Priceline, with the login with Gmail button," she wrote in her post.

The woman called her bank and canceled the flight.

"I logged into Priceline to see if I could get any information about the person who booked the flight. I saw I could cancel it for no charge. So I did because it was going to be faster to get a refund from Priceline than my bank," she continued.

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Two days later, she received an email from the hacker with their name and phone number visible.

In his message, he boldly complained about her canceling his flight, writing, "Why was my flight canceled? Could you please respond? I have a family event to attend."


In the comments section, Reddit users shared their own bizarre hacker and stolen identity experiences.

"So, someone hacked my Disney+ account. I realized it first because my language was set to Turkish. I recovered it, changed the password, etc. Get an email from someone in Turkish asking why their login doesn't work. Via the magic of Google Translate, I learned I'm not talking to the guy who hacked my account, but the guy who bought my hacked account from someone. I got the impression the guy who bought it didn't even fully grasp it was a stolen account," one person wrote.

"I had something like this happen to me a few years ago... the agent from the airline told me 'it happens all the time' [and] 'the person that emailed [you] could have gotten scammed as well," another shared.

"A few years ago, someone used my firstinitial.lastname@icloud.com email address to book their Valentine's Day getaway. This individual had used my address several times, so I'd had enough and canceled the booking. I'll bet that was an awkward check-in," someone else commented.

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