I was blown away when I heard the Ranch & Home gets shipments of between 700 and 900 chicks each week during chick season.

That's a lot of future eggs and rotisseries!

Andy and the rest of the Ranch & Home staff are experts in the specific breeds they carry, so don't hesitate to pop in and ask questions, whether you're considering adding chickens this year or have years of experience.

They also carry other birds, such as ducks, turkeys, pheasants and quail, and can special order roosters. You can consult the list by the horse statue or the department's order binder for information on future shipments they are expecting.

While you're looking at chicks, be sure to stock up on feed and other supplies. Visit Ranch & Home at one of their four locations or online at ranch-home.com. You have to admit — nothing beats the taste of farm fresh eggs!

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