Yup, you read that right. Rabid bats are on the loose! Since May 1, four bats found in Washington have tested positive for rabies, the highest number identified in the state in the month of May since 1998! The Washington State Department of Health reminds people to call their local health department if they, a family member or a pet interacts with a bat. The health department is warning to not have contacts with any bats as much as possible especially for kids and your pets. If you've come in contact with a bat, dead or alive, they're warning you to try and safely capture it and keep it contained away from people and call your local health department for next steps.

Please don't be that guy shooting the bats or hurting them in anyway. You can keep your pets safe by making sure their rabies vaccinations are up to date. For more information click right here. And in the meantime, just beware of the bats!

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