A pregnant woman was shot and killed in front of "many children" by Seattle police after she threatened police with a knife. The woman now identified as Charleena Lyles was shot Sunday in her apartment after she confronted them with a knife according to authorities statements. The sad part is that the woman killed had called the police to report a possible burglary and wanted their help according to news reports. Lyles had other violent encounters with police before and so the authorities sent multiple officers to her apartment because of that past experience. Police say they sent multiple officers because she "presented an increased risk to officers" from the previous encounter and comments she made on the call.

The police went to her 4th floor apartment where at some point she armed herself with a knife and both police officers fired their guns, shooting and killing her. Police say none of the children were injured but they would not say if the children were Lyles children. The family says even with mental problems, Lyles is a very small woman and feel the police acted with too strong of force. Neither officer has been identified and are on personal leave.

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