The Kennewick School District issued this statement early Wednesday morning, shortly after students returned from Christmas break. It involved a lockdown at Vista Elementary on Young Street just off Canal:

There is currently police activity at the corner of Young and Willamette Streets next to the school. The police do not know how long it will be until the situation is resolved. We will be in a temporary lockdown status when school starts today. Students and staff will not be allowed outside, but school will resume as normal inside. When the situation is resolved and we receive the all clear from law enforcement, we will lift the lockdown.

The school issued another email and statement minutes later, around 8:51 a.m., saying the lockdown was lifted and no threats were issued against the school.

It's not uncommon for lockdowns to occur when there's police activity in a neighborhood by a school, even if it's NOT related to any school issues.


According to the situation involved the chase and apprehension of a suspect, Kennewick resident Brian Blair.

About a month ago police had given chase for the wanted suspect, but terminated it due to children being in the area.

Blair was seen in the 7000 block of West Willamette, and ended up ditching his car. He then was believed to have entered his neighbor's house, but in fact was found inside their storage shed. He then surrendered to police.

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