You would think the popularity of Star Trek would be long gone, but for the man or women Star Trek fan comes this.These days, you can get plastic surgery on just about anything.

Want a million-dollar caboose a la Kim Kardashian? Done. Don't like the shape of your chin? Not a problem. Want to channel Dr. Spock via elf-shaped ears? Err -- yeah, at least one surgeon in Tempe, AZ, has got the 'Star Trek' department covered now.

Avid Trekkies have tried to create the sci-fi look since the TV show took off in the '60s, but only recently have they been able to look the part via surgery.

According to Tempe's Steve Haworth, a body modification artist, the procedure involves cutting the ear's cartilage and then sewing it back together to form a point. The painful surgery costs about $600 for both, takes 20 minutes to complete and is irreversible. [ABC News]