I'm still mad at that stupid terrorist shoe-bomber. He's the reason we all have to take off our shoes at the airport. I always wear shoes that I don't want to because of that guy. Shoes that are easy on, easy off...because of that guy. I get my socks dirty on public floors because of that guy. I have to wear socks without holes when I travel because of that guy (socks with holes freak my wife out, but she would never know if I could just leave my dang shoes on!)

Well, the genius folks at PNNL to the rescue! They've been working on something that could save us all a lot of time. Actually, they're the ones that created scanners that can detect threats through clothes, and while this is similar, scanning shoes is much more difficult (shoes have layers of fabric and plastic and rubber components). But they're working diligently on it and this could really save us all a lot of time getting to the boarding area at the airport. Ideally it will be soon that people all over the world can leave their shoes on at the airport screening area and folks that live right in our area will be the ones to thank for it! For the full story from KEPR-TV click HERE.



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