Columbia Center Mall is teaming up with 102.7 KORD to bring you an Easter Egg Hunt that YOU'LL enjoy! Find our eggs Monday through Friday (March 25-29) and you have a chance to win $100 every day. On Monday, April 1, we'll randomly select a name from everyone who played to win $500! Here's how it works:

You're looking for THIS egg:


When you find it, you will find an entry form. Give us your name and email and you're entered to win the money (which will be presented as VISA gift cards).

Look for these eggs to receive hints:

Good luck! Remember, to hunt each day this week. If you need some ideas on how to spend the money you win, we recommend you head over to the Columbia Center Mall. The gift cards can be used in any store, the food court and at the movie theater. Also, the cards will fit in any Easter basket and make great surprises!