These men and women are heroes in my eyes!

I cant imagine seeing a forest on fire and RUNNING INTO IT!! But that's what these brave folks do! These men and women spend endless hours in the blazing heat to save our forests and keep them from spreading to our communities! My buddy, Kyle Moye is currently fighting the Garner Complex Fire in Oregon and has been sharing some crazy pictures of what they handle daily. Here are some of the photos he has shared. I already respected what these folks do but it brings a whole new higher respect!!

Enjoy the pictures and next time you see them dressed in yellow tell them thanks!

The fires that make up the Garner Complex are Grave Creek 1-4, Ditch Creek, 416, Spencer 1-3, Pleasant Creek, Taylor Creek, King Mountain. These fires were started by lightning on July 15 and are burning near Grants Pass, Oregon. These fires are only 19% contained and have already burned 19,944 acres (updated 9 hours ago).

Thank you to the Men and Women in yellow!!

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