Protester superglues hand to counter at Seattle Starbucks (Amazon)
Protester superglues hand to counter at Seattle Starbucks (Amazon)











There are a lot of things I could say about this, but will strictly report it (push them really hard once it was set?)

PETA Protestor objecting to Starbucks surcharges for vegan products

This protester was objecting to surcharges, or extra fees being charged if a customer wanted a vegan substitute for any dairy products used in making mochas or coffee products. So, they superglued themselves to the counter.

The Starbucks Headquarters location is listed as 2401 Utah Ave S, and of course, contains a coffee shop. The "glue-in" happened Wednesday of this week.

There was a social media live stream of the 'event,' and PETA themselves chimed in about Starbucks ' role in this 'terrifying' policy: (from

“Starbucks’ Earth Day promotions are nothing but hot air if it’s still charging extra for Earth- and animal-friendly vegan options, PETA will stick to Starbucks like glue until it agrees to drop the vegan upcharge.”--PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman.

Reportedly, Seattle Police had to begin efforts to dissolve the glue and it reportedly took about an hour to get the woman freed.

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The incident happened Wednesday morning, to see the social media live recording, click here.


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