Felony theft suspect (PPD)
Felony theft suspect (PPD)


 Pasco PD are still seeking this suspect in connection with felony theft.

Walmart suspect used fire exit to help load his stolen goods

This guy is still being sought by Pasco PD from an incident in late April.

It seems on April 19th, the suspect pictured loaded a cart with a number of items, then used a fire exit door to transport them to his Honda parked just outside. By the way, the Honda was a stolen vehicle.

He stashed them inside the car, then sped away after being confronted by a loss prevention office. He happened to ditch an accomplice, 39-year-old  Johnny Jacob Rocha, who had also committed a theft.

However, because Rocha did NOT use the fire exit, his stolen cellphone case pilfering only netted him a misdemeanor. He was ticketed and released.

 State elevates fire exit use to a felony

8 years ago, the WA State legislature passed a series of laws called special circumstances concerning retail theft, or shoplifting.

Using a fire exit to get away, using any kind of device to remove or 'fool' electronic theft tags and several other conditions automatically elevate shoplifting to a Class B Felony.

Anyone who knows who this suspect is or has information about this incident, call (509)-628-0333.


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