Well I hope that headline got your attention. Sometimes hashtags confuse my little brain, Lol. But I have to say I do love a good cop story.

And the cop story is even made better when it's ended with a couple of great hashtags.  Now I don't know if the Loyalty Inn on Lewis Street in Pasco is a common hangout for felons, or if this was just one of those nights. But Pasco Police ended up busting four felons in two separate cases on this particular night.  Now that's quite an accomplishment, and like I said I do love a good cop story. Reading a post from the Pasco Police is always entertaining. Sometimes it's just about a great victory, sometimes it's something sweet, and oftentimes they are quite hilarious as we all know. Well this time the comedy waited until the very end. Oh it's a good story all right, but the hilarity was the hashtag at the end, which you see in the headline of this post. I actually went to Yelp to see if that was true, it's not. But there were incredibly negative and amazingly positive reviews of the Loyalty Inn in Pasco. At any rate, here's to the Pasco Police for making us smile and keeping the streets safe. I don't think I've ever paid attention to a Yelp review before and maybe that's something I should do more often. I've never even left a Yelp review and maybe that's something for the future as well.

FOUR FELONY SUSPECTS ARRESTED in two cases where the investigations overlapped. All four arrests took place at the...

Posted by Pasco Police on Monday, January 18, 2021



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