There is likely background information we are not aware of in this case, but now the status of an 8-year-old Pasco boy is considered missing.

Pasco Police Tuesday (August 17) said Mason Anthony Johnson is now considered a missing child after his father requested law enforcement to do so.

Police said relatives of the boy had recently requested a welfare check on him after not hearing from him or his mother for some time. His mother, 30-year-old Melissa L. Napier, and Mason have not been seen since April. A friend of Napier's reported seeing them both on a Facetime call. Since then, they've disappeared.

Pasco Police say Napier has previous ties to Montana, Troutdale, OR, Pasco, and Kennewick, but is also known to have struggled with homelessness and drug issues. Police did not say if Napier has legal custody of the child.

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According to the father and apparently relatives, Napier had asked if the two could move into the family's home in Troutdale, OR, but police said they never arrived.

Police don't have any indications or evidence Mason and his mother are anywhere in the Tri-Cities, the missing person search will likely be expanded to include all the areas his mother has ties to.

Police say there are some indications Napier and the boy may be somewhere in south central Washington state.

Anyone who may have any information at all, you're urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.

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