Rapscallions and hooligans. The Tri-Cites is full of them (so is Hermiston if you follow Hermiston Police on Facebook). Please don't confuse rapscallions with scallywags, or hooligans with hellions. Each has its own level of despicableness. (Wow...no squiggly line under despicableness, so I guess it's actually a word!)

The problem with Rapscallions and hooligans is, they don't realize that their petty crime is not so petty for the victim. In fact, it's a serious day-ruiner. And if the item is not returned quickly, it can steal happiness for several days, even months, or weeks. If you are familiar with a rapscallion or hooligan, please help them to see the error of their ways. Rapscallions and hooligans left unchecked and non-reformed usually end up in prison. It's a well-known fact among law enforcement officers that being a rapscallion or hooligan is the gateway to a jail cell.



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