Pasco Police summoned their inner Pokemon trainer in a chase to catch a wanted fugitive in a bright yellow Pokemon t-shirt.

Pasco police were looking for 23 year old Michael Wood, who was wanted for multiple warrants. Officer Julie Lee went to an apartment building off Chapel Hill Boulevard because of a tip he might be staying there.

A woman claiming to be Woods girlfriend answered the door and said he was not there. Officer Lee didn;t trust what the woman. After looking around, a helpful citizen told the officer that they had seen Wood jump from the 3rd story apartment in a bright yellow Pokemon t-shirt and run away.

Officer Lee ran after Wood and quicly spotted him trying to flee. She chased him for over a mile before Wood managed to get away.

Pasco police then called in the big guns with K-9 Officer Jucon and the dop quickly found Wood.

K-9 officer Jucon alerted the other officers by barking while officer Madsen jumped on Wood and handcuffed him.

Wood was arrested for his past warrants as well as new charges of resisting arrest and fail to stop.

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