A Pasco pet grooming company is under investigation for animal abuse after witnesses allegedly confirm seeing a customers dog choked until it almost lost consciousness. The dog had to be rushed to the vet to have 16 ounces of fluid drained from its stomach after a one hour visit at the Pasco groomer.

That business, Paw Spa located at 3501 Road 68 Ste 102 in Pasco, is being reviewed by the Franklin County Prosecutor's Office for animal abuse. Investigators are looking into multiple reports of abuse that go back as far as June of 2016, according to reports. More victims have came forward in the last couple of months.

The owner of Paw Spa, Michelle Burt, denies the allegations and says that they have measures to keep the dogs and employees safe. She says everything is on camera and they have always taken care of the dogs if anything happens.

"We've always been able to prove that the incident was not done on purpose because we've had it on camera. We've always sent the dog to the vet, taken care of the vet bill." Burt says.

The owner of the injured dog wants to remain autonomous but does not want this to happen to any more pets.  She says "If anything else, I just, I just want people, I guess, to be aware"

 "So to me, it's kind of no different than dropping your kids off at daycare or at school, and something happening to them there, where you think it's a safe place for them to be.", says anonymous owner of abused dog.

The case is under review by the Franklin County Prosecutor's Office after an investigation by Pasco police.


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