This is really hard to wrap your head around, from the Pasco Police Facebook page:

"We cannot stress enough the importance of locking your vehicles and remove all valuable property. We have again taken several car prowl reports in the City of Pasco over the past couple of weeks from unlocked vehicles. In one of those cases someone left a loaded handgun in their unlocked vehicle that was stolen during the prowl. If that wasn’t bad enough this is the second gun taken from this same person with the same circumstances. Please if you must keep a firearm or other valuables in your car LOCK IT UP. Better yet, DO NOT leave them in your vehicle. If you must leave your vehicle unlocked please remove all valuable property."

Pasco Police Department
Pasco Police Department

Let's be clear: the man who had his gun stolen twice is the victim, not the criminal. At the same time, now that negligence has again put innocent people's lives potentially at risk.

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