There are a few things that Jim Zimmerlin (Jim Zim on Youtube) of Pasco just loves. Cruise ships, model trains, and puppies! Somehow his videos have managed to accrue 300 million views! Jim has 21 G-scale model trains in his collection, and although his driveway is quite full with these locomotives, he is only using 8 in this particular setup. This video is very entertaining to watch, as some of it is shot from the top of a locomotive, and some great aerial shots are provided by his flying drone. If you'll read the details in this video, he even lets you know where he thinks the best place to buy model trains is. Understand however, this is not an inexpensive hobby. Remember, there are only eight of his trains in this particular video and that equals about $15,000 worth of model trains. That's including the track which costs about $7 per foot.



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