Thank you to ALL of our KORD listeners that have helped and have offered help to Spot O Faith farm in Pasco for the care of the 7 rescued horses that are now in their care. Your donations of money, goods & services are gifts of love and we THANK YOU!

So I went out to see Linda at Spot o Faith Farm to drop off a cash donation from Bud Lite yesterday and Linda takes me down to the barn to see the horses. There was a crew of 3 guys with a flatbed trailer unloading not 1 but 2 BIG bales of hay that was donated by Rod Rottinghaus. That was very cool! The horses were eating and I met Hailey who adopted one of the colts. It was a very heart touching moment and we are going to continue to offer our support and reach out to the community for help. Here is a LINK to Spot O Faith Farm so you can make a donation and a video from KVEW TV as they came out to see what this is all about.

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