Gunshots fired near Chiawana Park lead to a high speed chase by police. The chased car lost a wheel, crashing on its side, and the suspect arrested.

Police first got reports of gunshots and a white sedan leaving the area of Chiawana Park in Pasco on Friday after 1 p.m. according to the Pasco Pd Facebook page.

Officer Ana Ramos spotted a 2005 white Infiniti and tried to pull it over, but it sped off trying to get away with three passengers inside.

The officer followed the suspect from Court Street and Road 72 to the roundabout on Road 44 and into the surrounding neighborhood. Then on Argent, the sedan hit a curb and lost a rear tire but kept on running.

Finally the driver lost control near Golfland, jumped another curb, and the car ended up on its side.

The driver Jose Carmen Ramirez, was arrested for investigation of Attempting to Elude Police and DUI. He was booked into the Franklin County Jail. His three passengers were free to go at the scene.

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