I'm not much for running from the police. That's my own fault I guess, since I've never given them a reason to chase me. Booooring. But if I was the kind that couldn't keep my nose clean and was sought by the cops and didn't want to get caught, here's what I would do.

**Don't commit another crime for at least a month. This just puts them back on your trail.

**Don't stay with family. They always look there...especially in the attic crawl space.

**Don't steal a car and drive it all over town. You're just asking to see red and blue lights in your rearview.

**Don't be a porch pirate. Ring Doorbell footage leads them to the neighborhood you're terrorizing.

**Don't make your girlfriend mad. She'll turn your a$$ in.

**Pay money you owe to friends, especially if there's a reward for your capture.

If all of that is just too hard, then it's easier just to turn yourself in, like the fella below did.



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