When I was a kid in Montana, we would catch crawdads in the creek (crick). Later in life I lived in New Orleans and found it so funny that they called them crawfish! And yet there are those that insist on "crayfish!" Whatever you call them, they are not very good pets like I thought when I was 12, but instead delicious!

In New Orleans they always said, "Pinch the tail and suck the head." Outsiders think this must be shellfish porn! But no. After you break that little mud bug in half,  you pinch the tail and the meat pops right into your mouth. When you suck the head, it's just the flavor of the Cajun soup and spices it was boiled in. No, you don't suck out the brains!

Here's the deal from Townsquare Media sales superstar Scott Langlois...

The Pasco chamber is putting on an all you can eat crawdad boil this Saturday from 11am until the food is gone.
Pasco Chamber of Commerce presents the 2nd Annual Crawdad Boil on Saturday Aug 11th. from 11am to whenever.
It’s at  Osprey Point in Pasco..   Right on the Columbia River chi!!!
This family friendly event will feature live crawfish, red potatoes, corn, sausage... all boiled up in a Zatarain spice.. plus jambalaya and cornbread too.
It’s the real deal.....
We got cold beer and wine in the garden area, zyedco music, crawfish eating contest, games and fun.
$25 dollars all you can eat, Kids under 14, $10 dollars.


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