I wonder what's going through one's mind when they decide to set an apartment door on fire. Pasco Police thought maybe he was trying to smoke out the occupants so he could confront them, but none of the occupants even knew the dude. We've had a drastic drop in temperatures, maybe he was trying to keep warm. Yeah, no. Maybe the devil made him do it. Maybe he's simply your everyday pyromaniac. You know that feeling you get when you've successfully started a campfire on a cold, damp morning? Arsonists get that feeling magnified by 1000 when they set anything at all on fire. Fire gives them a feeling of power and control. Whatever his reasons, he didn't get out of there in time to avoid getting busted, and he had some very suspicious tools on him. Like a propane torch, a big screwdriver, and of course, a baseball bat. If you're gonna get any kind of decent street-cred, ya gotta have a baseball bat.


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