I was just reading an article on YakTriNews.com about a Pasco woman that was injured on Friday in the Richland Queensgate roundabout. That roundabout is not a double roundabout like the one that connects 395 with downtown Kennewick at Hwy 240 + Columbia Drive, but more like 2 roundabouts neck-and-neck but separate.

The Queensgate roundabouts can be confusing because there are two lanes going for this part of the roundabout and one lane going for that part of the roundabout and...oh my goodness I knew trouble was going to be fairly common here when they were building it.

But what about a roundabout that is 7 Lanes? How the heck does that work? And what's even more amazing is that traffic travels in both directions! What? There are even smaller roundabouts within the roundabout!

Check out the video below and see if you would like to conquer this one!

Now, we can't end this article without some amazing roundabout fails, can we? What you're about to see below is what has happened many times in the Tri-Cities. People who aren't paying attention or are under the influence blowing right through roundabouts!


Sorry if I got your blood pressure up with those crazy accidents, LOL. Here's something way more relaxing...


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